In December, there was not much of a chance to build a snowman or make snow forts. Now there is plenty of snow to have some fun and make a snow family or a even a really big snowman. You could maybe build more than a snowman, like maybe a Snoopy on top of his house. That could bring a smile because it's Snoopy.

My husband made me a tiny snowman on the hood of my vehicle once. It was adorable. I put it on the steps to help it last a little longer.

What a fun way to pass the time on a winter day. What's funny is that people put the snowman/family facing the road. Really they could make them two-faced in a good way by putting a face on both sides. That way when you're looking out your window there is a smiling face to see. But then maybe some did, I did not go on their lawn and see.

There were a few snowmen and families out. The fun part of winter, besides sledding, skiing (downhill or cross-country), snowmobiling, snow. It can make some cool drifts, too. What can I say, I like snow.

How about a snowball fight? Or throw snowballs at light posts or trees. Just to see if you can hit it.

Build a fort. I remember building a small tunnel, of course, be careful if you do that. It could be dangerous if it collapses.

Then when you come in from the cold, hot chocolate ... yummy.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.