Tuesday, April 29, Northland District's Bill Brolsma gave the results of the POST plan realignment survey for the Ellendale Post Office, and it is set to have the retail operating hours reduced to six based on the community need and the workload.  There were 819 surveys mailed out, 218 returned.  Most, 198 or 91%, were in favor of realignment of hours.  The other options were delivery, village post office, nearby post office or no selection.  After reviewing the surveys, and taking operational needs into consideration, the window service hours could be 8-12:30pm, an hour lunch, 1:30-3:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9-10 am.

The suggested window hours were of the biggest discussion.  It was suggested by those attending the meeting that the office be staffed earlier for both the safety of the rural carriers, who would potentially be getting back in the dark; and for customers that work earlier than the proposed time, considering that they may have parcel pick-up or other post office business to take care of.

The Postal Inspection Service from Rochester suggested security changes to make in order for the lobby to be opened 24 hours for PO boxes.  In addition, there was discussion of possible parcel lockers.

Final decisions regarding office operational hours will be set the week of May 5th.  The new operational hours will take effect in September, with yearly reviews to follow.