After a decent weather day Saturday(BANG), it was batten down the hatches Sunday(CHECKMATE).

The weather was bearable Saturday. Pretty chilly when the wind blew, but no rain gear needed. Aaron was part of a trap shooting team that went to the South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club for a big exhibition. He got to shoot sporting clays as well. Had a blast. Can be a humbling experience, though. One of his friends said "I suck at this. But I'm having a blast!" (His friend shot 25. Aaron got 30 out of 50.)

Cynthia and Max ran in a Color Dash in Eau Claire! Looks like they had a fun time.

We also dug out some board games on Sunday. Aaron WHIPPED me in Othello. He literally had every disc his color! He beat me 64-0! I recovered to beat him twice at chess! CHECKMATE & CHECKMATE!! We also binged on "Parks and Recreation" on Netflix. Oh No! Where did those 2-and-a-half hours go? It's only a 30 minute show!

Our poor dog (Jazzy) does not like thunder. A lot of her weekend was finding something to hide under.


(Back ground: My family is not really a sports crazy group.) As I was listening to the Wild game, my wife said "They're still playing this series?" And my son piped in "Why is everyone getting so excited about a first round series?" My daughter, via text, "Oh I forgot they were playing." (I ran away screaming.)

Years ago I was explaining to Aaron what a "best-of-seven series" was. And he said they should call it a first-to-four series. Fair enough. Let's just hope the Wild can "get-it-to-a-game-seven" series!!