The winter storm for our area seems to have passed. In Ellendale, I measured both on the back steps and the driveway in the front yard. I measured about 8 inches.

According to NOAA, the heaviest snowfall started about 1AM and lasted until 6AM, with visibility down to a quarter of a mile or less at times. Winds were from the north to northeast at 25 mph in Albert Lea. Temperatures were steady in the upper 20s.

NOAA for Owatonna has some NA throughout the overnight. The winds were gusting around 20-25 with snow between 2AM and 4AM, with temperatures steady near 30. Visibility was down to 3/4 of a mile but much of the overnight is NA. According to a NOAA snowfall map, Owatonna received 5 to 6.5 inches. You will be able to focus in different areas pretty easily. Account exec John Connor measured 6 inches at the station.

Waseca shows overnight with light snow, heavy at times and again light snow between 4AM and 6AM. Winds were gusty between 30-35 mph about midnight and 20-25 mph later overnight. Visibility was down to 1.75 miles around 2AM and down to 3/4 to 1/2 mile between 3AM and 4AM. Once again temperatures at 30.

Austin at this time (8AM) NOAA still shows in a warning until noon. They had light snow most of the overnight with winds at 20-25 mph. Visibility overnight ranged from 5 miles to 1.25 miles, and even as low as a half-mile. Steady temperatures in the upper 20s.

According to NOAA, Faribault was overcast overnight. It does seem it was windy overnight with temps steady around 30.