Gary and his Wild West Soda stand are back for a second year at the Steele County Free Fair. You can find his stand just before you turn to go up Leisure Lane.

Gary has a friend who had acquired a number of old soda or pop recipes that had been handed down for generations from his ancestors. The beverages use pure cane sugar. Currently five other parties are selling these old-time sodas. They are reminiscent of what soda would have tasted like back in the 1870s and 1880s in a saloon.

You perhaps have watched westerns where the young folk would order a sarsaparilla. This is one of the flavors you can enjoy at Wild West Soda. Sarsaparilla is an old-time root beer with a stronger licorice and wintergreen taste than today's root beer.

Gary, who is based out of Texas, also offers wild cherry, chocolate and new this year is wild cherry limeade.