If you get a chance, check out the video that Tamara put together in the "A Look Back" series on our YouTube channel, about the Victrola. I have never owned one, but some older members of my family have. And it got me thinking. Had the Victrola, or similar items, or records, not been invented, where would radio be?

My guess is that there would still be various kinds of musical artists, but you would only be able to hear their music at live concerts, or live radio broadcasts.

It just creates a lot of different scenarios as to how the world would be. We would not have listened to records growing up. It's possible the tape recording process could have been somehow affected. So we may have never had tapes, or CDs. Live venues or the radio with live broadcasts, maybe, would be our only means of music. It's crazy to think about.

By the way, a 1920s Victrola in great condition and depending on the model, could fetch up to $1 million.