We all have something we can’t stand the sight of. Something that makes us cringe and want to run away. For Indiana Jones it was snakes, for me, these little guys are at the top of the list (although to be honest, it is certainly not the only thing on that list).

I found this guy hanging out it my shower the other night. After a brief moment of panic, I snapped a pic to show you all how terrifying it was! Immediately after snapping this picture, he was put to death, and then I spent a few minutes making sure he didn’t have any friends around! Ugh!

These fast little buggers seem to be everywhere this spring. I've seen a couple of them in the basement, I saw one at work, and I've heard other people are also being invaded by them. I know that they are harmless, but the sight of them still makes my skin crawl.

What makes you stop in your tracks? Snakes? Bats? Bugs?