John LaDue, accused in a school bomb plot, will return to his Waseca home next week. A judge ruled Wednesday that his threat to the community is low, according to

LaDue has undergone extensive evaluations, the said report. The 19-year-old was 17 in spring 2014 when he was arrested after authorities found him with bomb-making materials. He pleaded guilty to possessing  an explosive device, which is a felony. A Star Tribune story at the end of the trial indicated that LaDue was believed to be planning a massacre of his family and bombing of his school but some charges were dismissed.

LaDue finished his jail time early this year and has spent time at an unidentified state facility since then. Part of the original sentence includes treatment and probation lasting as long as 10 years.

A previous report on WCCO's website indicates that LaDue was supposed to spend time in a Georgia facility that treats patients who battle autism spectrum disorder, but that plan did not materialize.