It sounds like a story from an old detective show TV story. A mother and daughter have been charged in Le Sueur County for conspiring to have the daughter's husband killed.

According to KSTP, Sheriff David Tietz stated that he had 41-year-old Blanche Wilson and her 59-year-old mother, Linda Kay Bloom, arrested in the case. Wilson's former husband had received custody of the couple's children and they were allegedly trying to get someone to kill him.

An undercover officer was introduced to the pair. After several meetings, they provided details of where the former husband was living and working as well as a photograph. They also agreed to an amount and they signed over the title to a vehicle.

Wilson met with the undercover agent Thursday afternoon, and the officer showed her staged photos of a body. After the meeting, Wilson was arrested in Cleveland, and Bloom was arrested at a family member's resident in Le Sueur County.

Both are in Le Sueur County Jail. They have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

A bail hearing was scheduled for Friday.

Le Sueur County Sheriffs office photos Lindy kay Bloom, Blanche Wilson