I saw Arrival over the weekend. Aliens arrive on Earth and Jodie Foster's character is drafted to help interpret their language. No spoilers in here.

My wife and I liked the movie though we left the theater with many questions. I found an explanation of some of the concepts online. Beware. There are many spoilers in this link. It got me thinking about other alien movies that don't involve a laser gun fight or aliens that spend the entire time trying to eat, impersonate or destroy Earthlings.

Contact came to mind right away. Jodie Foster turns in a great performance as a scientist who discovers messages from outer space. Interstellar is another recent movie that has some similarities to Arrival. However, I don't recall Interstellar actually involving an alien, but the movie is listed in the genre.

In K-Pax, Kevin Spacey claims to be from another planet. Avatar was a ground-breaking movie in its scope and style. Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. are more throwback options. In Close Encounters I don't remember seeing an alien either. In E.T. at least he was cute.

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    Arrival is getting great reviews and should spark some conversation on your drive home afterward.

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    Interstellar left me scratching my head to figure it out but I enjoyed the flick. Matthew McConaughey stars.

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    Jodie Foster listens for voices from outer space. Matthew McConaughey is in this one too.

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    Just where is Kevin Spacey from?

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    The visuals were amazing and the movie was very good too. I can do without the 3-D technology however.

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    Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    I don't remember if we ever see an alien in this movie.

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    It's a classic that everyone should see. But I remember my daughter was bored with it when I played it for her.