If you've been itching to hear new music from the Band Perry, today is your lucky day. The trio has been performing some of their new tunes at their recent concerts, and The Boot has obtained video of three of those new songs: "In It Together," "Stay in the Dark" and "Best One Yet."

Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry performed on May 28 in Charlotte, N.C., and the fans in attendance were treated to some brand-new music. Readers can press play on the video above to hear "In It Together," which Kimberly Perry introduces with a heartfelt message speech.

"My brothers and I, we've been working on new music in the studio for a second now, and we're excited to be playing these songs for you guys because you inspired them," she tells the crowd. "We talk about y'all every day when we're in there making music ... [I]t's so very important to that three of us that you know that we believe in and we champion your big dreams just as much as you have ours. It's really our goal every time we sit down to write a new song that we think about, maybe this song can hold your hand through some of life's tougher moments, you know? Through some of those moments when it feels like following a dream is a struggle ...

"We think what you think, we feel what you feel, we hurt when you hurt, we laugh when you laugh, and we just sort of feel like we're in this whole big, crazy, wild journey of life all together," Perry continues. "We're right in it with you."

"In It Together" has a reggae feel and an anthemic chorus -- and Neil Perry acting as a hype man.

"All of us are going through it / All of us, we're going through it / So we're in it, we're in it together," TBP sing in the chorus. "It's only gonna get better / We do what we want, yeah, whatever / We're in it together tonight / We're in it together tonight."

The Band Perry also performed "Stay in the Dark," a tune that shows off Kimberly Perry's powerful vocals as she sings, "Lately things been feeling so crazy / I'm feeling like my heart hates me / 'Cause it's racing / I just want to stay in the dark." Press play on the video above to hear the song.

Finally, the trio introduced "Best One Yet," which readers can watch below. With three-part harmonies, an electronic-influenced track and a beat that encourages fans to jump and clap, the song is 180-degrees different than TBP's hit "If I Die Young," but 100-percent on par with the type of music that the siblings have been gravitating toward for quite a while now.

The Perrys recently signed a joint deal with Interscope Records and UMG Nashville, following their split from Big Machine. The band is also headed to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, in the near future, as "Live Forever" was selected as Team USA’s official song for the Summer Olympics.

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