Earlier this week, I matched Steele County cities and townships with other states by first using NOAA, then another site to find them all over the world. Well, I missed a couple. Steele County has three original named towns: Owatonna, Blooming Prairie and Steele Center.

The towns I missed are Hope, Pratt and Bixby, so here they are.

Bixby is also in Oklahoma (23,228); Illinois (St. Clair County); Missouri (Iron County); Nebraska (Fillmore County); North Carolina (Davie County); South Dakota (Perkins County); and Texas (504). There were also some variations: Bixby Corner, Pa., and Bixby Knolls, Calif.

Hope is in Arkansas (10,095); Indiana (2,146); and Maine (1,536). Some variations include Hopewell in Virginia, Tennessee and New Jersey; Hope Mills, N.C.; Hope Valley, R.I.; and Hope Acres, Md.

Pratt is also in Kansas (6,835); West Virginia (594); Missouri (Ripley County). Some variations include: Prattville and Pratt City, Ala.; Pratt Acres, Fla.; Pratt Corner in Maine, Massachusetts and New York; Pratt Junction, Wis.; and Pratt Place, Calif.