Where would any organization be without volunteers? The Steele County Free Fair Board of Directors will honor dedicated fair volunteers at a special meal on Tuesday, August 16.

Thank you and congratulations to the following volunteers who will be honored.

5 Years

  • Tracy Ignaszewski
  • Jim Gleason
  • Steve Stoykovich
  • Pam Mikeworth
  • Cindy Wesely
  • Jack Noble
  • Darlene Noble
  • Jodi Hovden

10 Years

  • Steve Stansberry
  • Hank and Vi Roemhildt
  • Terry Wiese
  • Arlene Gleason
  • Ron Jannnig
  • Dave Johnson
  • Bernie Kuhn
  • Doug Kolbe
  • Myron Spindler

15 Years

  • Vickie Deml
  • Liz Tinaglia
  • Richard Schleich

20 Years

  • Rick Ellingson
  • Myrna Peterson
  • Greg Johnson

25 Years

  • Courtney Mislinski
  • Pat Raetz

35 Years

  • Dan Deml

Dates for this summer's Steele County Free Fair are August 16-21. Get more information by going to the Steele County Free Fair website.

Grow, Sew and Show it in 2016.

Radio coverage from the fair begins at 6AM on AM 1390 and just after 10AM on Kat Kountry 105 each day of the fair.