Steele County has a couple of original names for cities, which are Owatonna and Blooming Prairie. Also within the county are a number of townships that are cities and townships in other states. To find out what other states our cities were in I went to NOAA and typed in the city and it listed the information. I listed the city populations by just googling the city. Then I found a site that names all the cities and some townships are smaller everywhere.

Aurora is in Colorado (345,803); Illinois (199,963); Ohio (15,577); Missouri (7,495); Nebraska (4,465); Indiana (3,736); Texas (1,256) and Utah (1,019). In South Dakota, there is an Aurora County.

Berlin is in New Hampshire (9,612); New Jersey (7,600); Wisconsin (5,478); Maryland (4,562) and Massachusetts (2,866). Variations include Berlington in North Carolina; Vermont; Iowa and Massachusetts; and Berlingem, California.

Clinton Falls is also in Indiana.

Deerfield is in Illinois; New Hampshire (4,280); and Wisconsin (2,319). Some variations include Deerfield Beach, Florida; Deerfield Acres, Tennessee; Deerfield Center, Michigan and New Hampshire; and Deerfield Colony in Montana.

Ellendale is in North Dakota (1,367); Louisiana; Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis, 1,575); North Carolina (township); Oregon (ghost town); Virginia (Smyth County); and Delaware (399). Only one variation: Ellendale Forge, Pennsylvania.

Havana is in Illinois (3,199); Florida (1,709); Texas (407); and Ohio (Huron County). One variation is Havana Village in Colorado.

Medford is in Massachusetts (57,170); New Jersey (22,253); New York (24,142); Oregon (77,677); and Wisconsin (4,326). A couple of variations include: Medford Center, Maine; Medford Hillside, Massachusetts; and Medford Manor, Georgia.

Meriden is in Connecticut; Illinois (LaSalle County); New Hampshire (Sullivan County); New Jersey (Part of Rockaway Township); West Virginia (Barbour County); Kansas (794); and Iowa (156). There is a Meriden Hill, New Hampshire.

Merton is in Wisconsin; which has both a town and a village. There is a Merton Park in Utah and Merton Mill Pond, Connecticut.

Somerset has a number of townships and counties in states such as California (El Dorado County); Colorado (Gunnison County);Illinois (Saline County); Indiana (ghost town); Kentucky (11,447); Massachusetts (18,165); Maryland (1,263); New Jersey (Somerset County); New York (2,662); Ohio (1472); Pennsylvania (Somerset County 6,144); Texas (1,705); Wisconsin (2,668). Maine, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. also have Somerset County.

Summit is in Arizona (3,702), Illinois (11,458); New Jersey (21,988); Mississippi (1,687); Washington (8,041). Summit County is in Colorado, Ohio and Utah, which also has a Summit Park. Summit Hill is in Pennsylvania.

Just for the fun of it I put in Steele and this is what came up: Alabama (1,074); Arkansas (Tontitown County); Missouri (2,144); and North Dakota (712). North Dakota also has a Steele County. Some variations include Steeleville, Illinois; Steele Center, Minnesota; Steele Acres, Delaware; Steele Corners, New York; Steele City, Florida.

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