The annual "Lighting the Path" luminary walk will be Saturday, Sept. 12 on the State School Orphanage grounds in Owatonna. The walk is open to the public and begins at 7PM.

Luminaries are on sale now for $25 at Cottage 11 Tuesday through Sundays from 1-4PM. They will also be on sale starting at 6PM on the 12th.

This year's walk will focus on the west end of the grounds and conclude at the cemetery where there will be old hymns played on the harp along with a presentation by Barry Adams. The evening also includes "History Stops," a glimpse into the renovated Root Cellar and a tour of Cottage 11 with Harvey Ronglien.

Ann Peterson of the museum said there have been tourists from all over the United States this year, from places like Connecticut, Alaska, California and more. Many of these people learned about it through social media. You can read more about the nation's only Orphanage Museum here.

Tours are welcome.