In March, the state of Kansas suffered devastating wildfires resulting in not only destruction to homes and buildings but also loss of life. Many farmers lost not only their animals but also their feed. The fire caused thousands of people to be evacuated as it stretched into 21 counties. In some cases the situation was so dire, ranchers had to euthanize some of their cattle.

A group of Minnesota farmers organized a relief effort of hay, which they trucked down to Kansas. A total of 18 trucks with 700 bales of hay left Minnesota on Sunday morning, arriving in Salina, Kan., on Monday, where they dropped off some of the bales, with some trucks traveling on to the town of Ashland where more of the hay will be disbursed. Total value of the hay donated by Minnesotans is estimated at $50,000.

Some of the local names that contributed hay, driving time and or machinery include Toquam Farms of Blooming Prairie, Bill and Andrew Souba of Owatonna, John Scott of Hayfield and Jeff Davis of Hayfield. The Good Samaritans are on their way home and expected back in Minnesota sometime Wednesday evening.

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    Salina, Kan.

    Photo courtesy of Souba Greenhouse
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    Hay hits the road

    A load of hay departing Owatonna on Sunday for Kansas.

    Photo courtesy of Souba Greenhouse
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    More hay

    Another load of hay leaving Southern Minnesota bound for needy Kansas farmers.

    Photo courtesy of Souba Greenhouse