It started when this article popped up on my Facebook. Hundreds of underage Amish were expected to gather for an underage drinking party.

This got me to thinking. How would you organize such an event? Since you're Amish, working the telephone wouldn't work because you wouldn't have one. The same applies to a computer and social media. Going door to door wouldn't be practical since it would be on foot or horseback.

Hmm. It would almost have to be face to face and then hope word gets passed along without an adult finding out. I've seen several Amish at auctions, but usually no more than a few. Most Amish finish school at eighth-grade so spreading the word during recess wouldn't work. The best I could think of is maybe the passing of a note at church or perhaps telling as many young friends after service as possible.

How would you arrange a secret party for hundreds of young folks without a modern way of communication? Some Amish sects have changed a bit or modernized. Perhaps enough have phones to pass the word. In fact in Glenville last summer during their citywide garage sales, my mouth dropped when a Cadillac pulled up in front of one sale and the driver got out and opened the back door and out stepped an Amish couple. I guess being chauffeured around is OK in some Amish groups.

This brings me back to my original question, how would you organize such an event? Though I realize the person or persons behind this didn't quite pull it off, as you can see in the story some parents knew beforehand and tipped off authorities.

Enough of that. Perhaps it's time to do some useful work today.