Boy we have had some nice weather, and it looks like we will get more. Of course, Mother Nature likes to remind us that is not quite spring yet and throws in a cool day. We have had some fabulous days to get out and hurry the snow away. Let's throw snowballs while we still can!

When there was still a small pile of snow on a median on our studio's parking lot, account exec Rich Will shoveled a pile closer to the door. Why would he do that? To have a little fun, of course. Rich, Brad Fischer and Roy Koenig like to throw snowballs at the lamp post across the parking lot until their hands are too cold to handle it.

Now sometimes they hit it. Sometimes they are close and other times, well, they are having fun, that is the main point here.

Watch as the snowballs smash!, boom!, ka-pow! on the other side of the parking lot, near the lamp post. I think what they are really doing is trying to get rid of the snow faster. They are moving one snow pile to the other side and adding to the other snow pile.

Brad hits a strike right away and the others are close. On one not-so-close throw by Roy, Brad likes to point out that Roy golfs, too.

That sounds like fun, too. Let's go golfing. It might be a little muddy but fun.