Just a little over a day of summer left and then fall begins on September 22. It's still fresh in most memories, the flood of 2010. The rains began on September 22, 2010. It had already been a wet summer, with some parts of Southern Minnesota picking up close to 20 inches of rain. Owatonna had been hit with 4 inches of rain a couple of weeks before, so the ground was already saturated when the big rains began. They continued into September 24, with another 8 inches or so in the Owatonna area. Some places in Southern Minnesota picked up 10 or more inches.

The Mississippi River crested over flood stage at 14 feet. It had never gone over flood stage in the fall before the 2010 rains.

In all, 21 Minnesota counties were declared Federal Disaster Areas.

I have a couple of memories that stick. I recall driving home south on 45 and thinking I was so close to maybe being trapped at the radio station overnight as the rains were so close to blocking the road.

I also recall turning the TV news on and saw the late Bob "Fuzz" Martin being helped out of his car after getting caught in the water. He had just left the radio station after either dropping something off or picking something up earlier that day.

While this week's forecast includes a threat of rain, nothing compared to the 2010 rains is expected.

Here's a look at a video someone shot during the flooding. I think the music is so appropriate.