Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 13-17. The week is designed to refresh, remind and educate everyone about the seasonal threats from severe weather and how to avoid them. It's the time to make and practice emergency plans and build or refresh your emergency preparedness kit.

Monday is about Alerts and Warnings.

The National Weather Service uses:

  • An advisory when a hazardous weather is occurring, imminent or likely. Advisories are for less-serious conditions than warnings that cause significant inconvenience and if caution is not exercised, could lead to situations that may threaten life or property.
  • A watch when weather conditions are favorable for dangerous weather to occur. Watch means to watch out for what the weather could do, be ready to act accordingly. A watch means that the odds are good for dangerous weather, but it's not happening yet.
  • A warning for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash floods. Warning means the weather is imminent or occurring somewhere in the defined warning area and there is a need to take shelter as soon as possible.

To find out the latest, listen to the radio, weather radio and TV. In case electricity goes out, make sure there are fresh batteries in the radio and weather radio.

During Severe Weather Awareness Week, Tuesday will be Severe Weather, Lightning and Hail.

There will be a statewide tornado drill on Thursday, April 16 at 1:45PM and 6:55PM during Severe Weather Awareness Week.