I suspect the closing of Highway 45 south of Owatonna for repaving has caused quite a few to change their commuting habits. Sometimes I'll take the freeway to Hope and get off there. Once in a while I've taken a few of the gravel back roads home. I've found something interesting things to look at along the so-called beaten path. Here we go.


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    Studebaker Garden

    This is a new type of raised bed garden perhaps? I like flowers and I like old trucks. Since the old Studebaker is more than 60 years old, they probably didn't have to drill any drain holes in the bed.

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    Old Building

    If anyone can tell me about this building, let me know so I can sleep at night. It has some interesting things about it. First it's right up against the ditch on a corner. From this view it looks like a shed, but on the other walls it has windows like a small house or school. Yet if it was a house or school, that old red paint doesn't make sense. I'm curious what this was. Anyone know? Because check out the next picture.

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    Right next to the shed or building pictured above is an old outhouse sitting right along the road. Interesting.

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    Good Ol' Hills

    When I moved from Wisconsin years ago, the one thing that I missed the most was the hills. As you can see, I found some. The farm I grew up on was all hills and to make it worse, the soil was sandy. Driving a tractor down those sandy hills while baling was a challenge. If you hit the brake you'd skid down the hill. You had to get a feel for tapping the brake just enough to keep the bales on the wagon and also prevent the whole shebang sliding down the hill.

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    Old Machinery

    This brings back memories. Whenever we'd replace some machinery back home, the old stuff would go to the top of our hill. My grandpa wouldn't allow it to be sold because he said we needed to save it for the next war. He lived through both world wars. After he died, we had the scrap dealer out within a few months. Alas, it wasn't that many more years later that collectors were starting to pay a pretty price for old machinery. Bad timing on our part.