Once again Mowry's Lazy Meadows outside Owatonna will play host to the "Ride for the Brand" in July. It will be held each Thursday in July from 6:30-7:30PM with a special Roundup Night from 6:30-8PM on July 28, which will include rides and a cookout.

Ride for the Brand allows children with disabilities to learn about and experience the gentleness of a horse. Children will have the opportunity to ride, pet and groom a horse free of charge. Space is limited and reservations may be made or questions answered by calling (507) 455-0913.

Volunteers are also welcome to help out. If you might have animals you could bring to help set up a petting zoo, give them a call.You can learn more by checking out the latest Ride for the Brand newsletter.

The Lazy Meadows can found by taking Highway 14 to 218 and then east on Southeast 28th Street and then north on Southeast 34th Avenue.