Farm boys make pretty good husbands. They're hard working and realize that if they don't get the job done, no one's gonna do it for them. They're also stable and probably come from a long line of farmers where they're taught young to be dependable and hard working. Here's a few other reasons for you gals to consider when seeking out a potential husband.

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    He's probably got a truck

    Young couples tend to move a bit before settling down on the family farm. It's a plus if the new hubby has a truck. How many times have you heard, "Hey Dad, can I borrow the truck?" By the way, are you doing anything tomorrow?

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    Easy to shop for

    A farm husband is easy to shop for. It's either overalls or tools. With half a dozen tractors and a few combines and whatever, you could buy a set of wrenches for half a dozen straight Christmases and he still wouldn't have a set for each vehicle.

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    All you need is a microwave

    Why bother cooking on a stove when you know it'll have to be warmed up in the microwave. Honey, I'm running late for supper, the combine broke down.

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    No need to worry about baldness

    If your hubby starts to lose his hair, why worry? Other than supper and an hour in church on Sunday, when else might he take his cap off?

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    Looks aren't that important

    When marrying a farmer, looks really aren't that important because you probably won't see him that much anyway. After all, he'll be out in the barn or field most of the day and night anyway.

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