A new thinner version of an American classic might have fewer calories, but might not be the best idea for those watching their weight.

I'm not sure if there is room on the cookie shelf, but the maker of Oreo cookies is adding another variety to the market. 'Oreo Thins' have been a hit in China and will become a permanent fixture in the United States in mid-July. Four of the thins have fewer calories than three of the original Oreos. That being noted, company officials say the cookies aren't meant to be a diet snack. They look like regular Oreos but are much thinner.

Since the cookies are intended for adults, they aren't designed to be twisted apart. The company states that about half of all Oreo consumers twist their cookies apart. Only half? A company official told the Associated Press that if people still want to twist them apart, it is up to them. There has been no indication that Oreo Police will follow you home if you purchase the new snack.

There are already double stuff and triple stuff, vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate, and seasonal variations. There have been lime, strawberry and banana flavors. You can find them deep fried at the Steele County Fair and maybe some day wrapped in kale and deep fried at the Minnesota State Fair.

Oreo cookies celebrated their 100th birthday in 2012.

You will soon find another version of Oreo cookies on your grocer's shelf. Daniel Acker/Bloomberg, Getty Images