Brian, father of 10, teams up with two of his own, Aaron and Clara, to form The Henningsens.

Brian did play in some bands off and on, plus did some songwriting, but that was put on hold to take care of the family's 1,700-acre farm that had been in the family for seven generations.

Aaron, the oldest child, wrote songs and performed with a college band. That was put on hold after his dad was in an accident.

By 2004, the family bought a fixer-upper and worked on it during breaks from the farm. Brian, Aaron and Clara were writing and performing, crossing generations of music with influences by Pure Prairie League, The Eagles, Johnny Cash, James Taylor and Dixie Chicks. It took them a few years to take themselves seriously as a trio, according to their website.

In 2008, The Henningsens were introduced to another family trio just getting started, Kimberly, Neil and Reid. The Band Perry recorded three songs written by The Henningsens, and two topped the charts, "You Lied" and "All Your Life."

In 2013, The Henningsens debut CD produced the Top 15 hit "American Beautiful." They also released a Christmas album that same year.

The patriarch of the family, Brian, says, "If you can touch somebody emotionally and say something that's actually worth saying, then you've done your job as a songwriter and an artist."