Chad Brock has in the past been singing, playing football, songwriting, wrestling and more singing. He even has been on the radio as a on-air host. He's been kind of busy. I found out about him from

Brock sang in his church choir while growing up in Florida. He started playing football while in high school.

Brock turned down an offer to play football in college to pursue his musical career. He struggled in Nashville as a songwriter and ended up touring with World Championship Wrestling for three years.

Brock issued his self-titled debut in 1998. From that CD, he released "Ordinary Life," which topped the country charts as a Top 5. There was moderate success with the second release, "Lightning Does the Work."

His country chart topper in 2000 was the title track from his second CD, Yes!, a song about meeting his wife. It also charted on the pop charts.

The third CD -- III -- that Brock released did not duplicate the success of the other two. From, a fourth CD -- Free -- was released.

Brock became a disc jockey in the late 2000s in Florida and co-hosts with parody singer Cledus T. Judd, according to