He was born in Maryland, then his family moved to Arkansas. He played lots of sports and loved to sing and write songs ... Brian McComas, according to artists.letssingit.com.

Brian McComas' parents met in the Pentagon. He was born in Bethesda, Maryland, and by his teens they moved to the heart of the Ozarks in Harrison, Arkansas.

At an early age, McComas was making up songs, singing in school and choir. As he was growing up, he listened to Don Williams, Buddy Holly and Randy Travis, along with George Strait, then started to write songs down. However, he could not play an instrument and that lead him to David Farmer, who helped McComas chart his songs that he had written or still to be written. They had a recording session and that demo was given to Paul Overstreet by 16-year-old McComas at an outdoor concert.

Overstreet and company encouraged Brian to continue to write and record.

McComas went on to the University of Arkansas, transferred to South West Missouri State University in Springfield. He did play in coffeehouses, parties and backed up a church choir.

McComas moved on to Nashville where he continued to write songs and play in bands.  He also likes to play sports, basketball and golf, with friends .

According to cmt.com, Brian McComas released his debut album in 2003 and "99.9 Percent Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)" was a Top Ten Hit.