Owatonna High School presents a comedy mystery musical this weekend. The winter musical is Curtains. Opening night was last night. It will be 7PM tonight and Saturday, plus a 1:30PM matinee on Sunday. I have never given a review about a play. This I know, I liked it.

According to the program, director Erik Eitrheim said Curtains ran about 500 performances after it opened in March 2007. It was nominated for eight Tonys. David Hyde Pierce, from Frazier, won Best Actor in a Musical.

In summary, Curtains is a play about a not-so-good play where the not-so-well-liked star is shot and killed. A detective keeps everyone in the building to solve the murder. A play critic gives them until the next night to fix the play so he could review it again. So the crew get to work after they find a new leading lady. The detective even gives them a suggestion or two, since he would like to be one of them, "show people." He also solves the crimes, since there was more than one.

The crew did break into song as to their suspicions. I had mine too, but I did not break out in song. And it was not who I expected. There was a lot of singing, it's a musical. The high school does have assigned seating for this play. I was told for the musical there is. I thought that was cool.

I liked the play. It was funny, it had a couple or three love stories, actors fainting out of nowhere and a mystery. They even had a cat. The director makes note that she was one of two that did not make the list of cast members in the program. She was held securely and close to offstage. She was a natural, making good eye contact with the audience.

Also a note that the OHS spring play will be April 21-23 at 7PM, with a 1:30PM matinee on Sunday, April 24. Then on June 4 it is the OHS One-Act Festival at 7PM.