It seems like everything has a month doesn't it? Well, October happens to be Pasta Month. We Americans certainly enjoy our pasta; we consume on average 15-20 pounds a year. That's not much compared to the Italians, who eat about 50-60 pounds a year.

The most popular pasta dishes are macaroni and cheese followed by spaghetti bolognaise and then lasagna.

Pasta has an interested history. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, who was known as quite an inventor, brought the first macaroni-making machine to the U.S. from France. Jefferson also designed a type of pasta-making machine. The first American pasta factory was established in 1848.

A little over two years ago a very interesting bit of research was revealed. I want to stress that this involved a fairly small sample group. What the research pointed to was that when pasta was reheated or eaten as a leftover versus fresh from the oven, blood sugar spikes dropped by as much as 50 percent. That could mean good news for diabetics. When pasta is consumed it is digested quickly as sugar. When allowed to cool and then reheated, the starch apparently became more of a type of fiber that would then pass through a person's system faster.

Either way you eat it, enjoy for October is Pasta Month.