Driller Promotions wanted to make sure mixed martial arts fans got a show to remember in Owatonna last April. They are bringing back a big event on Saturday, April 18.

MMA reporter Ben Pherson says previous promoters have left Owatonna fans feeling short-changed. So last year's fight card overflowed with more than 20 fights, with a mini tournament built in. The event last April pushed past five hours in length. Pherson says this year's 17-fight card should move along a bit faster.

More than 2,000 fans filled Owatonna's Four Seasons Centre last April. This year's O-Town Throwdown 2 begins at 5:30PM April 18. Tickets are available online through cagetix.com and will be available at the doors as well. A portion of the proceeds can be directed to the fighter of your choice.

Pherson is an MMA enthusiast and helped line up the match-ups for the program. He looks for the main event between Owatonna's Travis Wiuff and Kevin Asplund to be a good one. Wiuff wants to get the fight on the ground where he can use his wrestling skills. Asplund will try to stay on his feet where he might have a slight advantage.

Pherson says Owatonna graduate Richard Rodriguez should have a good battle against Chad Brito of Wisconsin. David Sellner of Owatonna, who is in his 50s, will enter the ring for the final time. A female fight pits Jessica Fresh against Sarah Jacobson. Pherson says Fresh is a fighter that could advance to the national scene.

Danyelle Williams has a back injury, and his fight is scratched from the card.