My kids might be too old for the community Easter egg hunts, but not for a search around the house, especially if money is involved.

Cynthia and Aaron actually didn't know what was inside the egg that the Easter bunny hid for each of them. Seems the bunny knows their patience for seeking an abundance of eggs was not going to fly. So he hid a single egg for each with a short clue left for them. In our case, the kids were rewarded with some cold hard cash upon finding their stash.

In fact neither child went after the chocolate Easter bunny replica they received but the cash found after a short hunt disappeared quickly.

I was a bit surprised that I didn't hear complaints about the prospect of a hunt, figuring they might think they are too old. One is a college grad. The other is months away from graduating from high school. But apparently money talks.

Our dinner plans were pretty simple for Sunday with just the four of us. Since Aaron had some friends over playing video games and hanging out, my wife felt we should invite them to join us for dinner. So we had a lively time around the table with a bunch of teenagers dining with us. It was a great time and cut down on the amount of leftovers.

We hope you had a blessed Easter.