Of late, more retailers have been trying to get those holiday dollars by kicking the shopping off on Thanksgiving Day. But also more people are complaining about family events being upset over people having to work on this holiday. This year the sign at the Mall of America will say closed on Thanksgiving Day, including Nickelodeon Universe and the movie theaters. All of the individual stores will have the option of being open, but Mall of America officials think most will decide to remain closed.

Some mall security and maintenance workers will still be on the clock that day and the Walk to End Hunger fundraiser will still go on. The mall is making the switch in part to bring back the Black Friday magic. They will open at 5AM on Black Friday with a special ceremony and other fun things.

Some stores with smaller staffs in the mall found it hard to be open starting in the evening on Thanksgiving and stay open all night so they lost some sales. That also factored in the decision.

More than 15,000 people work in the mall. Mall officials feel they will still get strong shopping numbers for the weekend, it will just be in three days instead of four.

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