Clouds are pretty cool. They help the sunrise and sunset show off speculator colors to make a great picture, whether with a camera or storing it in the ol' memory box.

And the way they look, sometimes having a ripple look or a wispy look. It is kind of cool when there is a bright blue sky and then out of nowhere one little wispy cloud appears. Then clouds have a dark side with that threatening look. You never know what you are going to see looking at the clouds

I still look for shapes in the clouds -- a bunny, or clover or a face. On Valentine's Day, I was hoping to see a heart. No such luck.

Once when my husband and I were driving along on the freeway, I noticed a cloud shaped like a hand. I found out that you should take the picture when you think about it because clouds change before you know it.

Happy Easter. Enjoy time with family and friends. This is the last of the Easter Egg Hunts, hope you enjoyed them. There are two pictures with one egg each.