Good medical care, making healthy decisions and following doctors' recommendations are all equally important for people with chronic health conditions.

Chronic diseases include diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure and others. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls for support for people with chronic diseases, the leading cause for disability and death with seven out of 10 deaths each year.

Each week the Living Well workshops are taught by trained leaders and programs will cover a new topic and opportunities for interaction.

The workshops will help participants with these conditions to find ways to cope with pain and fatigue, help maintain strength and energy with exercises, improve diet, understanding new treatments, communication within supportive circle and feel better about life.

A grant from Southeast Minnesota Area Agency on Aging and South Country Health Alliance is funding the Living Well With Chronic Conditions Workshop from 10AM to noon on Thursdays beginning Sept. 10 then taking place for six weeks at the Steele County Public Health Nursing Building at 635 Florence Avenue in Owatonna.

Call Linda Hoffman for more information at (507) 977-2171.