In Ellendale, we received just a little bit of snow last night and it's still here this morning. Don't worry, it will be gone before you go home ... which day is another question (haha.) Just remember, it's melting.

The snow does make a nice white blanket over the now-greening grass. It's kind of nice to see the grass greening up after the rain showers (and snow). The chilly temperatures are tolerable but wow, sometimes that wind.

It is strange going from thunderstorms to a little snowfall. I do mean little because on this date in 1973, a blizzard raged across Iowa. Some of those totals included 19.2 inches in Dubuque, 15 inches in New Hampton, and 15.1 inches in Des Moines (which was a record until 1982 when they received 15.6 inches).

Remember it was just a couple of years ago when on May 1 we were hit with 18 inches. That day will stand out to me because I drove in it at 4AM and saw blue lightning and then I also remember seeing blue snow. That was so cool!

Here are a couple of pictures of the snow. I made sure one had green grass.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.