I've been noticing that what I write gets considerably shorter as I type it in. It is just strange that my "writing thinking" is the extended version while my typing gets the shortened version, kind of a movie comparison there.

Also a little strange, I wrote in my journal a while back to summarize what has been going on. That was an oops, because I sort of think that caused a little writer's block. I even went online to see about it. Well, my husband just said, "You do not have writer's block." I don't know he knew that. So I closed that up and went on thinking and came up with something. Oh, maybe he was right.

On a totally different note because I can. The other day taking off labels from cans to recycle, I noticed one can actually had two, yes two, labels. The labels were for the same brand and product, but the labels were a different style. Just an observation and I thought it was odd. I had not seen that before.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.