I found a book lying around and and it gives ideas for "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things."

I am going to start off with buttons. Sometimes I notice jars of buttons in thrift stores and wonder if I should buy one to add to the jar of buttons at home. Now I may not hesitate as much because there are a few different uses for buttons. Such as:

  • Making a bean bag for a game, instead of beans use buttons.
  • Along that same line, buttons could be used for game pieces that seem to get lost.
  • Poker chips, too.
  • Buttons could be used to make a necklace or bracelet by using ribbon or strong string or something else, and place the buttons in various order by color and size.
  • The Christmas tree could also be decorated with button garland, or use it year-round.
  • And for other craft projects, too.

Have fun with buttons. May they keep it together for you.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.