This is a time to be reminded of Halloween: Thinking of costumes and movies to watch. Fun or scary activities to be doing. Maybe there will be a party to go to or just hand out candy to the little "trick or treaters" and sneaking a piece for yourself. I suppose it's obvious I like candy and chocolate.

There is one more thing to do during this time, or anytime, and that is reading a scary story or two. I have this great classic ghost story book, which I have read a couple of times and usually around this time. I recently bought Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It is Frankenstein Day on October 30. So my goal this month is to read it. First thing first, I have to finish the book I'm reading, which did have a little Halloween in it. So, I better get going on that.

I did once try to watch the original movie Frankenstein and I may have to try again. That reminds me that Gene Wilder has one or two funny haunted movies -- Young Frankenstein and Haunted Honeymoon. I have not watched them but will add to that ever-growing list.

Have you seen the new Twizzlers commercial where they make Frankenstein out of the candy and he comes "after you"?

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.