Each of the 12 months has a holiday or two that is unique.

May is recognized as ALS Awareness and Asthma Awareness Month. If it weren't for the drum where would bands be? It also is Drum Month.

This is National Pet Month, and the first full week of May is Be Kind to Animals Week, which goes along with National Pet Week. It all begins and ends with Hug Your Cat Day on the third and repeats on the 29th. Your cat may or may not like it. To slow down the month, it is World Turtle Day on the 23rd.

As the weather improves, it is Gardening for Wildlife and Gifts from the Garden Month. From May 5-11, it is National Wildflower Week.

May is all about fun, too.

  • On the third it's World Laughter Day and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day.
  • On the fifth, Cartoonist Day.
  • The 16th is Do Dah Day.
  • National Taffy and National Polka Dots Day on the 23rd.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.