Skulls can be pretty. I know that is kind of a strange statement, but it just so happens it is sort of true. Well, at least it can be put on something with flowers to make it seem like skulls can be pretty.

Scarves are very popular. I have a few. They have flowers and more flowers in a multitude of colors. A couple are black and white checkered. A few are just plain without a design. Most with a fringe.

Now why do I mention skulls can be pretty? Especially when I'm writing about scarves? Because today I noticed my gray scarf has black skulls, lots of them, mixed with white paisleys and flowers. Yes, flowers.

So, skulls can be pretty.

The funny, or scary, thing is I think I have had this scarf for a couple of years and I just now noticed the skulls. Let me tell you there are lots of skulls on it, too.

I thought it was funny. I got a chuckle out of it.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy and Pretty Thoughts.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media