We have not received any snow in our area yet. It is not even in the forecast. I'm patiently waiting. But still there are signs of the holidays. Yes, they are just around the corner. The signs and the holidays.

I remember working in the Twin Cities and a co-worker would always look for the first eggnog of the season. Because she wanted to beat her friend's son in finding it first. I don't think I have ever tried eggnog.

Other signs would be the first Saturday in November in Owatonna with lots of bazaars and holiday craft and bake sales. Lots of gift and decorating ideas. Watch for and be listening for more.

Wow, of course, even the stores have Christmas items out. At one store, I noticed Christmas cards 50 percent off. I think that is the first time I noticed cards on sale before in the beginning of the season.

To tell the truth, it seems lots of items are on sale -- artificial trees, ornaments and toys. I'm a little nervous as to how our young kitty, Zeke, will handle the tree. Hopefully he won't try to climb it. It is a wait and see. I will be finding out in early December -- that is when I decorate and watch football, too.

My family now has a tradition of buying "fabulous prizes" -- things under $5 or re-gifting -- and play the dice game, roll doubles and get a prize. It is fun and everybody gets something. Our supper is Mom's Yummy BBQ ribs.

Happy Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

nicolasboivin. ThinkStock