The other day, I noticed this old shed going down the road. It looked like it was strapped to pallets.

Now a few questions pop up after I thought, "That's a little odd to see."

I've seen TV shows where people try to move big houses in tight spots. Each show would be a little more drama, but this was definitely not that. This shed seemed so much easier, and no drama. Just slowly making its way to its new spot.

It does make me wonder:

  • Where was he going, besides south?
  • How did he get it up onto the trailer?
  • Was someone trying to downsize?

People are buying these tiny houses now and fixing them up to look like they have more space and bragging about the little bit of space it really is.

  • What will it be used for?
  • Will it be storage for a pony or a couple of big dogs?

Well, hopefully he was lucky enough to stay on some straight and not so bumpy roads and safely arrived to where he was going.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media