Saturday, Day 5, of the Steele County Free Fair was a day of firsts for me, which is pretty cool.

This was my rookie appearance helping out at the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. I asked host John Connor if I was going to get any slack for being a rookie. He said without even thinking NO. So I just jumped right in.

I was not told right away what I was going to be doing, then I found out I was going to be a spotter. Now I cannot even find my white golf ball on a green golf course, how was I going to find a black seed on blacktop, especially when the veterans were having such a hard time all week? By the way, it seemed all seeds were found and I did measure the distance. It went quite well, I think. It was fun.

Next up on Saturday at the fair, the new attraction Kraze Maze. It sounded and looked cool. So in I went. One of the guys from the Maze was nice and took a couple of pictures from the viewing station.

I clocked in and my instructions were to find the letters for "MAZE." I found "A" first. Two boys, about 10 years old, were in the maze at the same time. We eventually teamed up. If I found a letter, I found them and let them know. We had the hardest time finding "M." One of the boys found it. When we found our letters, we made our way out. That was a lot of fun. It was cool having some help, too. It took us about 10 minutes.

I enjoy going through the Auto Museum; you cannot go wrong with classic cars. Then into the 4-H Exhibit Building. They do a great job and are so creative. Sewing projects, building projects, crafts and photographs, all of which are very cool.

I also made my way through the Flower Building and the Textiles and Hobby Buildings.

I did some more wandering, some picture taking, making my way back to the station to do a little work.

At 4:45PM, I made my way to the KRFO stage hoping I would be able to get into the Ladies Nail Driving Contest, another first for me. I was a little nervous. It was a little strange being interviewed by Roy. Sadly I only was able to put in one and a half nails, that's right, not even a full TWO nails. I think my exact words were, "I did lousy." Boy was it fun.

My husband is going to have me in training from now on. If there is a nail to pound, I guess I'm doing it.

My goal each time at the fair is to experience something different, which is pretty easy to do since there usually is something new each year.

Fun, Food, and Screams in 2015 is done. The new slogan is Grow, Sew, Show It in 2016.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.