Happy Birthday to kitty cat George. He is 11 today.

We have a couple of nicknames for George. One is Purring George because his purr is very loud. When his foster guardians cheated and brought him to our house, and George settled down on my lap, his belly was moving and one of the guardians said he's purring. Well, the next night day, George came downstairs to check us out. He settled by my husband and his motor was on and I do mean motor. His purr was very loud. That was cool.

There was a time I was laying on the floor, George was on the ottoman purring. Well, I said "George turn up the purr." It went up two notches, funny.

We also call him "Kitty" from Monsters Inc. My brother-in-law was down for a visit and called kitty and George looked up at him and did his squeaky meow, cute.

He also likes to lay in my lap. My husband calls George "The Sleeping Pill."

George also likes to play. His two favorites are the fabric ball and the tape ball. They are small enough that he carries them around in his mouth sometimes.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.