It seems it's a password-happy world. We are not happy about it, but it seems passwords are needed to get into anything and everything. Even some cars have number passwords.

As I sign into my work email, I know it is coming sooner rather than later and I will get that message "13 days and your password will expire." The first time that happened I ignored it and then it became too late. Our techy helped me through that mess and since then I've been better, learning from my mistakes.

I have come up with an idea to use different graduation and birthday years of people that I know. It's not a full birthday, so it should be okay. I change where I put the number.

Maybe use a past pet's name or something that you like, such as weather, sports, hobby or name. For one of my passwords, I use a Twins player's first name initial, spell the last name, then mix in their jersey number and World Series year. This could work for any sport, of course.

Once a upon a time, a co-worker who was expecting would use a name she liked as a password and if she still liked it after typing it so many times a day, she considered it for her baby.

At work, we use colorful animals as passwords. Yellow, tan, orange, blue, fish, snake, cat. We are not too picky. Then just add a number of sorts before or after.

Then there is trying to find the place to make the change, which sometimes is also a challenge. I guess when that is located just read and follow directions, which again can be a challenge. Good Luck.

Of course, they say not to write down passwords but I can not think of anyone that does not. Is that someone in the back raising their hand??

Have fun.

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