Before the trick-or-treaters were out, we watched Casper. It's a Halloween and ghost story all in one. Then as we were handing out candy, Halloween with the New Addams Family movie was on. It was mostly the original cast, Momma was a different person and they added a couple of other characters. It was OK, a little weird because it was in color.

So, we had 27 trick-or-treaters; usually it's closer to 35. At one time there was such a lull we weren't sure if more were going to come. We still have lots of candy left over, which I knew we would. My husband bought a lot. Yummy.

Some of the characters included:

  • Cheer Bear, a pink Care Bear -- looked like lounging pjs
  • Elephant -- looked like a lounging pjs
  • Pebbles, with parent dressed like a gypsy
  • Crypt guy and parent dressed like Batgirl
  • Troll, he had a big mask on
  • a couple of Ninja Turtles
  • Hunters
  • Fans for Chicago Bears and NRHEG
  • Football players
  • Gorilla and a Planet of the Apes
  • Arial the mermaid. Her hair was even dyed red and her costume looked a little difficult to walk in. It was a skin-tight dress tapering to the ankles and flared out with tutu material at the feet.
  • Wonder Woman and Super Girl
  • Bat, she had a purple tutu and tights on. Bat wings and ears and a black mask.
  • Werewolf, which looked mostly homemade. He had gray fuzzy material hanging from his neck, that same gray on his gloves and he wore a torn flannel shirt. It was pretty cool.

Our kitties were pretty brave and stayed downstairs the whole time. Zeke even greeted a couple of them. We take out the bottom screen of the door so we don't have to open it. He put his paws up on the door and peeked over. One kid noticed him and told his group "Kitty!" Zeke did not try to get out, just wanted to see what was going on.

George just hung back mostly, he did come close to the door when it was mostly closed, to smell some fresh air. Brave kitties.

Game 4 of the World Series was looking like New York Mets were going to win but then something lit up the Kansas City Royals. Royals win and now have a 3-1 lead. They just hit the ball and found gaps. Rookie Michael Confontro for the Mets hit two home runs and that is the first time that has happened in a World Series since 1996 when Andruw Jones did it.

World Series Game 5 is tonight. Who is going to win?

The sun is shining above ...Think Happy Thoughts.