Boo just turned 4. She is white with blue eyes. I brought her home when she was 10 weeks old. It took me a day to figure out she was deaf, which can be a trait in cats with white fur and blue eyes.

We kept her in a room because she was too small to make the stairs. When I brought her food the next morning, she woke up to the smell of it. While she was eating, she looked up and stepped back a little startled when she saw me. That was when I realized she was deaf.

It is different. She doesn't mind the vacuum cleaner. Boo will follow me around the house when I vacuum. George, of course, goes the other direction.

Boo also likes strangers. It's like she thinks they are coming to see her. One instance is at Halloween. I came home as a few trick-or-treaters were leaving, and she popped her head up to see where they were going. It was cute.

The range of her meows is a soft mmm to a very loud MEOW!, which means we surprised her. We tend to chuckle at the range, but when those meows come in the early morning, I guess it is still kind of cool.

It also can be funny. I tried to get her to scream a meow for Halloween by putting the video camera on her and I really didn't say much. The kitties did not meow much at all. Instead Boo played with the camera. But when I talk to the kitties, yes even Boo, they talk more.

Here are some snippets of Boo meows. My husband thought it sounded like we're torturing her, but I promise we are not. My mom says, "Stop stepping on that poor cat," as she is shaking her head and chuckling.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.