Just letting you know that I will be discussing two different topics -- sports and Mother Nature -- when it comes to Let's Go Wild!

One for the sports fans. Yep, the Wild are in the second round of the playoffs and they begin on Saturday versus Chicago. The Blackhawks defeated the Predators. It looks like most of the games are decided. They are Anaheim vs. Calgary and Rangers vs. Washington. The one game on Wednesday will be Tampa Bay vs. Detroit.

Did I mention let's go, Wild!

Now for Mother Nature's wild.

As I'm traveling back and forth to work, I have been noticing some eagles, turkeys, pheasants and hawks scoping for prey. I also saw an American kestrel standing on the side of the road. Yes, I watch the road.

Just the other day in Ellendale, I noticed a turkey vulture going after some road kill. It had a red, wrinkly, bald head with black feathers and was big.

There, of course, are many deer to look at and hopefully not hit. We were visiting family, and the deer were in a baseball mood. As you look at the picture, there is a runner on first and third and I'm thinking a pitching change.

Besides that, it is a lot easier to get a picture of deer than the birds.