I know, stating the obvious. Hang on to your hat and as you're driving around, hang on to the steering wheel.

I went for a short walk this morning, and on my way home, I was pushed along so it did seem that I was home before I knew it.

I like taking the back roads to and from work; there is just a little more to notice. There were a few birds trying to fly around. I noticed they were either not getting very far or being pushed backward, like the bird that was flying beside me. One second it was there and the next it wasn't and we were going the same direction. Talk about "Boy, my arms (wings) are tired."

A hawk was on a telephone wire and trying very hard to stay balanced. He must have been really feeling the wind up there.

The closer I got to Owatonna there are a few man-made ponds and they looked a little choppy with a few waves. Some of it was not waves, just wind just pushing the water.

You wouldn't think that wind could be so noisy, but it sure can make itself known. Just think, the winds will eventually calm down.

I guess we are lucky with just the wind. Can you imagine if it was raining or snowing or, dare I say, both? I did notice a few raindrops on the way into work today, but they did not add up to much.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

A sun drawing using chalk. Steve Frost/Thinkstock