There is a lot of construction going on, and some of it is around our house, on both side roads, and on rainy days like we are going to be having the next few days, it can be very, very mucky.

As my husband and I were driving through it one day, he mentions, "Maybe we'll have to use the four-wheel drive." It had a few puddles in the ruts and was a little slippery but we made it through. My tires were kind of making that thumping sound as the mud was being knocked off. I guess that is kind of like our squishy shoes after walking in the rain and walking through the puddles.

On the other hand, it may have been fun to put the four-wheel drive on and drive the length of the road. But that would be wrong.

Days like this reminds me of my mom saying a few times, "This is why I don't like spring." She also lived in a house that was on a gravel road, which doesn't say much with half of Minnesota side roads being gravel.

So enjoy the sunny days, and remember rain can be fun, too. Maybe jump in a puddle or two (there will be plenty of chances), better than being told to jump in a lake.

The sun is shining above ...  Think Happy Thoughts.

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